eFone offers various options that allow users to manage teams and departments.

With eFone, you can add users for a flat rate. There are no installation or exit fees, so you can add and remove users and employees at any time hassle-free. 

You can organize your employees into teams and departments, and then assign them their own extension or ring groups so that customers and clients can easily reach them when they call.

You can also manage opening and closing times for different times by routing calls to voicemail or another number after a specified time with time-based routing. Departments can also share voicemail boxes.

Hassle-free management. You can add and remove employees whenever you want, which means that the onboarding process gets easier.

Organize your business. As your business starts to grow, organizing your employees into teams and departments makes it easier to divide workload and customer or client calls. You can easily direct customer calls to relevant departments using auto-attendant, meaning no single department is overloaded.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

Users are individuals with separate logins and phone numbers. Departments are groups of individuals that are focused on one area of your business, and thus, you can assign them separate or joint phone numbers, set up ring groups for them and even let them share voicemail boxes.

Yes! eFone lets you add and remove users whenever you want. This can be expensive with traditional deskphones, but we don't have any 'installation' or exit fees. Adding users couldn't be easier. You can also set up as many extensions as you want, removing them whenever someone leaves without a problem.