eFone for Web

You can better access and change call management settings such as setting up departments and users via eFone for desktop. You can also easily transfer or acquire new business phone numbers, upload or change greetings, and much more.


You can get a bigger picture of you and your team's usage of eFone via analytics via desktop. You can download call reports and summaries to see how well your business is utilizing eFone.

Review all received, answered, and missed calls, and get an automatic analysis of when your business is receiving the most calls so that you know when to assign more agents. 

You can easily manage and edit your departments. That includes creating new ones, assigning users to different departments, and getting a summary of how each agent has been responding to calls (call duration and calls answered).

You can also enable the option to 'back-up' agents to be assigned to a specific department once the number of calls in the call queue exceeds your specified number.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.