Time-Based Routing

Manage where you want to route calls on different days and times. Set working hours and assign where you want calls to go after-hours or on holidays.

You can manage where calls will be routed when you're open and when you're closed, including playing different greetings, messages and menu options before going to voicemail. For customer support departments that are open 24/7, you can choose to route the calls the same way every day.

You can route calls to any number with Time-Based Scheduling.

You can close different departments at different times by customizing schedules if some departments close later than others. You can also do this for individual employees. This way, calls are still dealt with even if there is no way to answer them.

If you have a business with locations across different countries and timezones, you can route calls to whichever location is open once you close. This means customer calls can be answered, just in a different location. 

Save on costs. You don't need to spend more on night-shift staff if you have multiple locations in different time zones. You can simply route the calls from your location to one that is still open, where someone can assist the customer. Our routing system is efficient - the customer will not have to wait or even know that their call has been routed to another location!

Maintain a professional image. Using an out-of-hours tells callers when to call back if live representatives are not available. They don't have to wait for the phone to ring when no one is there to pick them up, which often puts customers off from calling back.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

Yes, you can set up routing for any department or group.

Time-Based Routing can be set up through eFone desktop, by accessing setting..

No, we offer Time-Based-Scheduling for all eFone members on the Business plan, because we know it's a vital feature that every business needs to keep their customers happy.