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Get an alternate Number with the VoIP call application

Add a second phone number to your phone that gives you access to unlimited voice calls to North America from just $10!
Whether you want to add a second line connection, switch from a landline, or customize your plan according to your requirements, we have got you covered!

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Get a new phone number or transfer your existing phone number to eFone without changing it, and access the best VoIP app.


Unlimited Calls to North America

eFone is a VoIP call application that offers unlimited calls and text messages to the US and Canada with a virtual eFone number.

  • Get access to unlimited calls and texts using the eFone Android app and the best VoIP app for iPhone
  • Answer calls from anywhere! You can answer incoming landline calls from your mobile phone using the eFone app.
  • Set up call forwarding, either to a different number or to voicemail.
  • Manage all of your devices from the web app - choose where to receive calls, customize the caller ID settings, and set up call forwarding.

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Why Do You Need an Alternate Number?

The world is changing, and we want to help you change with it. A second phone number isn't just for business anymore! You can use a second number for several reasons:

Business use - maybe you're just starting your new Etsy store or selling on Facebook, and you don't want to give out your current number. Use the alternate number that you can avail of from the best VoIP app to keep your number protected.
Keeping your data safe - with data breaches and leaks, you might want to use an alternate number when you're signing up for something, and the page tells you that they 'need' your phone number, and here comes the VoIP call application for your rescue.
Online dating -it's all about keeping yourself safe in this day and age. If you don't feel comfortable giving out your number, you can give out your alternate eFone number until you get to know the person on the other end.
There are many reasons not to give out your current phone number, which is why we're offering a second number at an affordable cost that would not put a dent in your pocket.

Explore Features

Explore Our Features

We have added different features across our plans for one price. You don't have to pay extra for 'add-on features' with eFone. Instead, we've made sure that we're giving you everything you'll need with the best VoIP app to continue doing business without having to worry about missing out on 'premium' features.