Ring Groups

You can set up ring groups to ring multiple devices or employees at the same time when one extension is called.

You can choose to add different extensions and numbers to your account so that you can answer calls made to any of those numbers. For example, you can add your business department number and individual extension so that calls made to those numbers will also ring on your phone if you are not in the office.

You can assign any number to the ring group. You can use a toll-free, local or your main business number for the ring group.

You can route calls to a team or department. Incoming calls will then ring for everyone in this group simultaneously to be picked up by anyone. This is ideal for SMBs, as someone in the group is likely to pick up and the customer or client doesn't have to wait.

If you don't want the calls to ring simultaneously for all employees, you can assign an order in which the phone should ring for each person before it moves onto the next. If the first number doesn't answer, the second will be tried. If answered, the next call will go to the third number instead of the first to ensure equal distribution of calls.

Equalize workload. Assigning an order means that workload is equalized between all members of the ring group.

Minimize waiting times. Simultaneous ringing means the customer won't have to wait long, as someone in the team will most likely pick up.

Accessibility. Employees don't need to be at their desk to take a call, as calls from all specified numbers are forwarded to the app.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

With call queues, calls are added to a queue and picked up by the next available agent. In ring groups, calls are forwarded to a specific extension or department and can ring simultaneously for multiple people for anyone to pick up.

Yes, you can create several ring groups for different teams and departments.

You can choose what to do if no one in the ring group picks up. Calls can be sent to voicemail or routed to a different department.