You can access all your voicemails from anywhere, in different formats.

You can easily play all your voicemails from your account through the app or desktop. From your phone, you can dial *111 to view them. With eFone, you can keep your voicemails for sixty days before they are deleted. Simply email them to yourself if you want to save them.

You can also set up your voicemails to be transcribed to text and delivered to your email with the voicemail-to-email feature. This is ideal for when you're on the move, as you don't have to take time out to listen. Simply read and respond. 

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

To set up your voicemail, you need to make sure that your services are working fine without any issue.


  • Home phone users can set up their voicemail by > Dialing *111> follow prompts. The automated machine will give multiple options> follow accordingly.
  • eFone users have default active voicemail. All you have to do is dial *111 from your eFone app and make sure call forwarding is turned off.