Unlimited Calling

Make unlimited calls to the US and Canada, and receive unlimited calls from any country.

Unlimited minutes to the US and Canada. There are no hidden charges, and you can track your usage on the apps or desktop. You can receive unlimited calls from any country.

Receive calls from anywhere. You can use eFone on desktop or the mobile app to receive unlimited calls on your phone from anywhere. Our residential VoIP system ensures you don't need to carry that landline around anymore!

Save on costs. Landline packages cost much compared to VoIP, and even more when you add international calls. With eFone, you pay less for more. We offer minutes to over 40 countries on our World Premium plan. The world is interconnected; international migration is commonplace today. We want to ensure that you can reach your family and friends whenever you need to without the added worry of cost.

It's completely flexible. You don't need to pay exit or installation fees. You can add users for the same flat rate of the package you choose, and remove them at no extra cost. You can expand your virtual phone system whenever you want.

Great for residential use. We have ensured that our residential VoIP package is as inclusive as possible when it comes to calls and features. You can make however many calls you want within Canada the US for a low, fixed cost. 

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

You can receive calls from any country.

You can place calls to any phone number in Canada with the basic plan. With the long-distance calling addon, you can place calls to the selected countries that are selected in your plan and addons.

No. You can use eFone via desktop. However, you have more features on the eFone app, including message scheduling, conference calling, and more.

You can connect to as many calls as you like. However, if you merge the calls into a conference call, the limit at the moment is 2.

For your callers, the call will ring like normal. You can place your other call on hold and switch between your calls. You can decline the call too.