Voicemail to Email

Send voicemails as attachments to emails.

Receive the email with the recording attached. You will get a notification email with the voicemail attached in .mp3 or .wav file. This message will also be saved in your voicemail box.

Delete the recording once sent via email. You can choose to delete the recording once it has been sent to free up space.

Faster response times. You're more likely to check your texts and emails than pick up calls when you are out and about. This is why any missed calls still have a high chance of being seen and responded to if you see them transcribed to text.

Listen from anywhere. You can respond to calls from anywhere. If you can't call back, you have the email transcription so that you can reply via text or email. 

Better organization. Emails can be assorted and organized much more efficiently than voicemails. You can add them to different folders based on their nature and keep them for future reference while freeing up space in your voicemail box.

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Voicemail to email feature lets you received your voicemails recording on your registered email address. To activate this feature, please follow these instructions :

  • Open efone app settings 
  • Then tap to the incoming call option.
  • There you can see the option of Email to voicemail. Tap it to turn it on 
  • Now, Enter your email address in the Email box that appears below after activating the Email to voicemail.

 After entering your email address, you are all set to go. Now, you will receive your voicemails at your registered email address.