Call Management

eFone offers various call management options to improve the user experience via desktop and through our mobile apps.

Call hold. You can place a call on hold if you get another call on your business phone. The call will stay on hold and you can switch back and forth between your calls, or merge them if you want.

Call waiting. If you need to place a caller on hold while you get sorted or you need time to search for something the caller has asked for, you can use this feature. If your handheld phone supports this feature, it can be used. 

Caller ID block. This feature will show your number as BLOCKED when you make outgoing calls. 

E911 (Enhanced 911) is a special VoIP feature that will show your phone number and physical location to emergency operators when you dial 911 from eFone. Most providers do not offer this feature. You simply add your address to your account, and this will then be displayed on the emergency operator's screen alongside your name if and when you dial 911.

As VoIP calls are made over the internet using out-of-state phone numbers, an accurate location can't be obtained. As a result, the E911 feature was added to help operators find the location of VoIP callers.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

When you are on call, you can see multiple options on your eFone dialer interface; one of those option is to put your number on hold. Its means your call will not get disconnected, but other person on call cant hear you or make any communication until you remove your call from hold.
To put your current call on hold, press hold, and to unhold your call, press unhold to resume communication.

The call waiting feature lets you take a second incoming call when you're already on the call. When you have an incoming call during a conversation, you are notified of this with a beep. It is like having two lines on one phone. The ongoing call will be placed on hold, and the incoming call will be answered. Since both calls are active, you can alternate between the two conversations by pressing the green handset button.

The call transfer feature allows you to transfer your current call to a different number. Once the call is transferred, your current call will get disconnected. In simple words, when you answered a call, and you want it to send it to another person, you use the transfer feature; the call transfer feature only works when you are on the call.

A conference call is a call in which you can add more people to your current call, and this is also known as a three-way calling feature to add someone to your current call.
When you are on call, your efone dial displays multiple options on your call interface; one of these options is to add a call. Simply press adds call button and dials the number you want to add to your current call. 
When another person picks up your call, you will see an option on your efone dialer to merge call press it, and another person gets added to your current call. This is how the conference call work.

The call history feature lets you view complete call logs of your calls and message history. To use this feature, log in to your account and click on Logs to see your calling history.