Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to voicemail or another number with eFone's Call Forwarding feature.

You can forward your calls to another phone number either via the web or mobile app. Just go to settings, select incoming calls and type in the number you want to forward to. Your calls will then be forwarded to this number instead.

If you are busy or not working, you can choose to forward your calls to voicemail instead. If you change your status to busy or invisible, calls will also be sent to voicemail. If your device is offline or not connected to the internet, eFone will detect this and automatically forward your calls to voicemail. For more advanced forwarding, such as forwarding to a different number, you can access settings through the web portal and add the number you want to forward the call to.

Always be available, even when you're on the move. Call forwarding helps you connect with your family and friends when you can't take their call. 

Listen from anywhere. You no longer need to wait until you're back at home to listen to your voicemails. With our residential VoIP system, you can listen from anywhere using the mobile app. 

Competitive edge. Most of our competitors who offer residential VoIP do not offer automatic forwarding. We are working on making sure that we provide our customers with the best calling experience, which is why we have added this feature. The caller doesn't need to wait for their call to go unanswered - it will automatically be sent to voicemail if your device is offline or not connected to the internet for any reason. 

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

No. The caller will not know that the call is being forwarded.

You can forward to any number, with no extra charge.

No. You can forward to other numbers if you need to. We don't charge extra for that either. The number should be from a country that is included in your eFone plan.

You can use any number other than your current Canadian number as your verified number and can use this number to forward calls and SMS to it.

For verify the number; follow these steps.

  • Open eFone app
  • go to settings
  • In settings, click on My Numbers
  • You can now see your Canadian number and mobile voice option; to verify, press on the plus sign on mobile voice and enter the number you want to verify. It will send you a 4-digit code on your entered number. Add that code and click on verify
  • now you can see two numbers in my number tap one is your Canadian number and the second one is your verified number.