Block any number you don't want to receive calls from by adding it to your blacklist.

Block numbers. You can blacklist specific numbers to prevent unwanted calls from coming through. Simply add the numbers to your blacklist and get going! If you are using the mobile app, you can block numbers from your call logs or settings. 

Choose what to do when a blocked number calls. You can choose to send the call to voicemail or automatically hang up if you get a call from a number you have blacklisted.

Save time! Nothing is more annoying than picking up the phone and finding it's a spam or cold call. The blacklist feature will block calls from these numbers to ensure that you're not wasting your time.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

You can add the number to the blacklist from your mobile or web app.

To block number in eFone kindly follow these steps

  • Open eFone app
  • Go to settings 
  • In settings, click on Incoming call
  • Scroll down you can see blocked numbers tab, open it and click on plus sign to block any number.