Call Recording

Automatically record calls with free online storage.

You can record all your incoming and outgoing calls.

At no extra charge, you can enable call recording via desktop or app, and view the recordings from there too.

Best of all, you can record as many calls as you want - there's no limit and there's no expiry date. You choose when you want to delete the recordings.

Only you and anyone you send the recordings too will be able to view them. Your files are encrypted on our servers to ensure your privacy is protected, so you don't have to worry about any unauthorized users gaining access.

Catch what you missed. During lengthy business calls, you might not be able to note down everything the caller is saying. With call recording, you can replay it and catch anything that you missed or didn't understand.

Increase productivity. Call recording lets you replay customer support calls so that you can understand how your employees are doing or what they are struggling with. You can then work on any issues you spot.

Train your employees. You can use recordings to bring new staff up-to-date with call procedures, such as specific inquiries or greetings.

Improve your products and services. Replaying calls about specific problems about products or services can help you make improvements.

Protect yourself and your employees in legal situations. In case of any litigation that involves your employees, recordings can sometimes serve as proof that you or your employees were not in the wrong.

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You can easily get a new phone number or port your existing one.

Call recording can help you for training purposes and for legal purposes. You can provide evidence if needed during lawsuits if you have call recordings handy to prevent a 'my word against theirs' situation.

In Canada, businesses must follow the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). PIPEDA requires you to (1) inform the caller that they are being recorded at the start of the call, which can be done via the automated message at the start when you set up Auto-Attendant, (2) tell the caller why they are being recorded, e.g. for training or legal purposes, and (3) providing an alternative means of contacting customer support if they object to being recorded. In most parts of the world, call recording is similar. One or two-party consent is required. You can do a quick search to see the laws in the country you are operating in to make sure you can put the necessary measures into place, such as adding a quick message at the start of the call.

Yes. You can recording incoming and outgoing calls when you are using the mobile app.

Yes! You can record however many calls you want or need to.