Auto Attendant

eFone's Auto Attendant can greet customers and direct them to the relevant customer support department.

Once set up, Auto-Attendant can answer every single call and route them for you to the relevant department or extension that you configure. You can move around extensions whenever you want, and therefore also make changes to Auto-Attendant any time you want.

You can use custom or pre-recorded greetings or messages for the caller. You can upload any recording or greeting to eFone via desktop and make changes whenever you want.

No need for a live agent. Auto-Attendant can connect customers to customer support without the need for an agent or receptionist handling all incoming calls.

Maximize efficiency. Auto-Attendants are the best way to answer customer calls and provide efficient service as calls are answered instantly.

Maximize productivity. You can assign staff to other tasks instead of answering and transferring calls.

Better for growing businesses. Manually answering and transferring calls can become difficult, as a live agent may not always be available, especially if your business is growing fast. Auto-Attendant will answer all calls, and if an agent is not available, it will place the caller in a call queue.

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