Why Internationals Calls Are So Expensive

VIRTUAL PHONE TECHNOLOGY Aug 24 2021 / 6 min read

In this digital age, where everything is available to us at our doorstep, life has become quite convenient. Technology has changed the way we communicate, and it has brought us closer together. Gone are the days we had to get phone cards to call back home.

However, international calls are still expensive. Asides from free calling apps, like WhatsApp, Signal, or Facebook Messenger, making direct calls to another country remains a pricey alternative. But why?

The Process of International Calls

When you call an international number, all the costs come down to your network provider. When you want to make an international call with your number;

  • You dial in the number you want.
  • Your network provider will terminate the communication due to the international getaway provider.
  • The same getaway provider will terminate the call on its end depending upon the country where you were trying to call.
  • Your country’s network provider deals with their end of the call on the number range provider.
  • The entire process continues as the call is finally answered from the other end.

There are multiple parties involved during each part of the international calling process. Your local phone network provider has to cover the cost of this process while also profiting off of it.

In the end, the entire cost ends up being costly for the customers as there are intricacies and different counterparts involved.

Depending on the country you live in and your network provider, the costs per minute vary a lot. Many providers sort the cost by ‘zones’.

However, with all the advancements in the tech industry, there is hope for international calling as well by using VoIP. Let’s elaborate on how you can save up money using the voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP).

Why Choose VoIP Over a Local Provider?

The costs for international calls are relatively lower and it offers you different types of plans to choose from. This system does not depend upon multiple vendors or an old-age system to help you make calls to your loved ones who are thousands of miles away.

You can check out the different budget plans they have to offer and choose the one that suits you the most. There are fixed minutes plans or plans that let you make overseas calls without any hassle.

We know that technology is changing day-day and there is a highly competitive market. You buy a new phone and after a week, the brand releases a new version with better features. It’s the circle of life as humans and all things survive and life evolves and gets better. So, what’s the better option than a VoIP calling plan?

How can eFone help you?

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that no one likes to keep switching plans and their strategies every other day.

Life is about finding what works for you, and technology has been evolving to help us do just that. Every year, you are no doubt investing in products and services that will help you cut time and still get the work done.

Why are people switching from traditional to online banking? There’s usually minimal human contact needed for things like stolen cards and lost pins. Instead, this can all be done online. You don’t even need to go to the bank to open an account!

Similarly, eFone was created to help you cut down on costs without compromising on quality. With a simple app, you can make unlimited calls within Canada, while add-ons will let you make unlimited calls to a whole number of other countries.

What Do I have To Do?

  • Pick a phone number of your choice or port your existing number
  • Customize phone settings, such as setting up call forwarding
  • Get to texting and calling whoever you want
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