6 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Texts and Emails


The advancements in technology and science are beyond our expectations in the present world. These technological improvements affect every field of life in different ways. Likewise, in the business world, new strategies arise that assist in the growth of brands in a better way as compared to the conservative ones. Similarly, email or text marketing is one way to attract customers. This strategy can help brands establish a loyal customer base.  

Strong and successful email marketing assists in reaching more people and connecting with the target audience. In a 2010 study of Datran media, 39% of marketing executives claimed that results were better when they chose email marketing. The effect of this is the increment in sales that too at an affordable cost. Email or text marketing tools provide the ability to effectively target customers. 

Why email/text marketing?  

Email/text marketing means companies are constantly giving updates about their latest products or services to their customers through either email or SMS. This way, customers know what is currently available in the market and if that certain product is according to their needs, they will buy it. Some other benefits that email/text marketing gives are:  

  • Reach more customers in a lesser time  

  • Connect with your audience at an affordable cost 

  • Email is the fast and most used way of communicating 

  • Email marketing is measurable 

  • Targeted messaging is possible 

  • Increases brand awareness 

  • 91% of consumers use email  

Email Scheduling

Email Scheduling is to schedule any email for the future which may be about some new update for customers, any marketing sale or any upcoming meeting and event. Companies can create their email campaigns on their own and then schedule them at a specific time according to which they will be sent to the subscribers. This is a beneficial tool for developing businesses and growing brands. This article will further highlight its benefits.  

SMS Scheduling

This is a perfect feature for employers if they aren't on their desks but have to send some important alerts via SMS. You can schedule your text messages to be sent in the future at some specific time and date. This can also be utilized to set up reminder texts for future events or meetings. Customers can get special texts about sales or updates at a set time when the SMS is scheduled accordingly. This saves time but effectively targets more audiences.  

Benefits of Email/ Text scheduling:  

Email/Text scheduling tools provide companies to be pin-point in their communication. It has a lot of benefits that can prove to be successful for businesses in many ways. Let's discuss them! 

1. Avoid Time zone trouble:  

There are usually many events where one has to deal with customers in different time zones. This causes several communication gaps which may lead to some problems in the completion of projects. Or it can be that one needs to communicate something at the moment but due to the difference of time, the work gets delayed. Setting your alarm clock to an ungodly hour can be troublesome.

So, in this situation, email scheduling can prove beneficial. You can schedule an email to be sent at a set time so, it can reach your client according to their time zone. This way they can give timely responses and communication becomes easy.  

2. Set a specific time for clients:  

A set time for sending emails or texts to your clients is always a good idea. In many cases, you might send an email to a client which they may or may not notice. This way you won't get timely responses and productivity will be compromised.

Usually, emails sent on a Friday or weekend night might get neglected but emails on a Monday morning can get noticed. Thus, you must schedule your emails at a set time so a client knows when you are going to send them. You must schedule your email per your client's availability which makes it suitable for you as well as them.  

3. Working during non-traditional hours:  

It can be possible that one is working late at night or after hours just to complete some urgent work or project. In that case, sending emails to the client at that time doesn't seem suitable. There's a chance that at that hour the client might be sleeping so they won't check their inbox. Or in many cases, the email you sent will go down until they open their inbox in the morning.

Thus, you need a solution for that and email scheduling is here to help you out. You should schedule your email to be sent later in the morning. This way it won’t get neglected.  

4. When you are travelling:  

Many a time employees are travelling but they need to contact their prospect about some project. It is possible that the time zones are different or one can't contact due to network issues while travelling. All these issues can be overcome through an email/text schedule. 

If you know what time you are going to be traveling or away, you can write an email and schedule it accordingly so that it reaches your client at a time when they can respond easily. This saves a lot of time and work is done effectively.  

5. For special occasions:  

Along with the company's normal work routine, sometimes special events can take place. This could be your boss's or client's birthday, it can be an important meeting or it can be some company seminar or event. During the busy work routine, it isn't possible to remember the event’s time or date.

But with email scheduling, it might be possible to remember these small details. With this one can either set a reminder for himself or they can send out reminders to others as well. No one forgets about the event and so they can reach there on time.  

6. Take enough time before sending:  

Emails/texts are really important at times. It might happen that if you send some email in haste, it can have errors that can be problematic. A lot of demanding responsibilities can lead to such issues. That’s why email scheduling is the best possible way. You can easily write an email, proofread it and then send it. For writing a proper email, a longer time is needed. So, one must compose the email in the morning or in their free time. Then they can schedule it to be sent later.  

Tools for email scheduling:  

Some email scheduling tools that companies must try are:  

  • UserEngage allows sending event-based emails scheduled for a set date and time  

  • HubSpot allows to schedule emails through Gmail  

  • Constant Contact is good for scheduling emails about events and sales  

  • GetResponse also helps in scheduling emails  

  • MailChimp finds a suitable time itself according to the subscribers' campaigns and time zones 

And if you're looking to schedule your texts, you can't go wrong with eFone. Why is such a useful so hard to find? We don't know, but we added it. 

Business life can be tricky. How many times did you remember you needed to tell a colleague or client something important but it was too late to message them? SMS scheduling means you don't need to worry about that. Schedule it for the morning and let your mind rest.



Neha Ishfaq

eFone Content Team
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